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Every client is different. We offer applications that are good for small bloggers, medium-sized organizations and huge organizations alike.

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Gator News Feeds in Action

We can do one of these on any topic. Which topic would you like?

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How It Works

  • 1.You pick the topic.
  • 2.We set it up.
  • 3.In 2-3 days, a constantly updating news feed will appear on your site or blog.

How You Will Benefit

  • A news feed makes your site or blog more authoritative.
  • Your news feed gives your site visitors a reason to linger and come back.
  • Need a day off? Your news feed will keep your site fresh.
  • Gator is easier, better and less expensive than any other option out there.

Products & Pricing

  • You can publish a news feed on any topic (or keep it private).
  • You can publish your own analytical pieces alongside, or within, your news feed, demonstrating your “thought leadership.”
  • We offer lots of bells and whistles, including automated e-newsletters. Let's figure out what YOU want.
  • The GATOR NEWS FEEDS content management system was built BY news junkies FOR news junkies. We can “slice and dice” the news however you need it.

from  $29  to  $1000/ month

  • Everyone's needs are different. Contact us so we can better understand your requirements.
  • Once we understand your needs, within 5-10 minutes we will offer you a price quote.
  • We hope you will check out the competition; we offer much more for far less.
  • These are introductory prices.
    Lock them in now.

About us

Jeff Hall


Our CEO, Jeff Hall, is a former vice president at the Los Angeles Times and a self-professed news junkie. In recent years, he has been working on a news and commentary site called THE LATEST, or

At, we never intended to build our own news aggregator. But no other company could do what we needed, so we were forced to build our own. As far as we know, is the best and most user-friendly content aggregator on the planet.

Cindy Brown

General Manager

Cindy Brown is’s general manager, in charge of sales and customer service. She'll make it all easy for you.

At, we like to keep things really simple. If it becomes difficult, we’re doing something wrong. Every client is a little different. Just tell us what you want, we’ll figure it out. We just want you to love your news feed, that’s all.

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  • Let's do a demo so you see all that Gator News Feeds can do.
  • You pick and choose what you want.
  • In 5-10 minutes, we'll give you your quote.

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